Top Google Tricks and Why They are Popular

Top Google Tricks and Why They are Popular

Performing tricks on Google is something everyone gets crazy about. It is pretty simple to implement, yet users find it amazingly interesting because someone who doesn’t know about the Google tricks can be fooled easily.

Top Google Tricks

Here are few of the Google tricks that are most searched for and are popular. This just a brief intro about the tricks. Each category has several tricks for themselves.

Top Google Tricks and Why They are Popular

Google Gravity Trick

Google gravity is one of the most popular trick among the Google Tricks and probably the most searched trick. It is also one of the first ever tricks implemented on Google. Though users cannot directly implement the trick directly on Google, to be precise, none of the tricks are implemented on Google but just some page that pretends to be a Homepage of Google.

Coming to the trick, MR.Doob and Elgoog has a custom page for implementing the trick. All you need to do is visit their page and click on any part of the screen and you should see the trick in action.

Google AntiGravity

AntiGravity Google trick is the opposite to the Google Gravity Trick. While the Google Gravity trick allows the contents of the web page to fall freely to the bottom of the page, the Antigravity trick makes the content flow, just how the objects flow in space.

Google Search Tricks

There are several keywords that secretly trick you when you search for them. By secretly trick you, I meant, there is a trick performed on the web page, right in front of you which you will have to deduce.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are similar to the search tricks. Only for certain key terms have the easter eggs enabled. All you need to do is to search for the key term and you will have an easter egg on the web page. For example, search for “Pac-man” and you should find a simple power-up sitting down at the bottom of the wiki bar of the web page (Right side).

As such, there are hundreds of these tricks and some of them are very funny. As said earlier, if there is someone who has absolutely no idea about these tricks, simply provide them with the link and I am sure, for a moment they will think as if the system is hacked or some kind of malware is installed.

For this and several such reasons, and with the evolution of new tricks performed on the web, chrome, and Google, they have become so popular and are trending. If you are new to this, I promise you will find some fun in implementing as well as fooling your friends. Happy Googling!

Root Checker - Make Sure Your Phone is Rooted Properly

Root Checker – Make Sure Your Phone is Rooted Properly

Rooting is a process modifying the default configuration of your device and gaining access to hidden features. Not just the hidden features, Rooting a device can also improve the performance of the device (phone/tablet) and also allows the user to install the apps that are not permitted to install by the default config.

There are several Apps that can root your phone and each have a different approach. The most prominent one is the King Root followed by the emerging and most downloaded rooting app Towelroot APK exclusively for Android. Developed by Geohot, the Towelroot app makes use of the vulnerability in Linux Kernal and roots your device with a single tap. What else do you need! After successfully rooting your Android device, you have to make sure the device is completely and properly rooted. How to do it? Oh yeah! Here comes the Root Checker.

Root Checker

Root Checker - Make Sure Your Phone is Rooted Properly

In Simple one click Get the Rooting Status of your Android Device. If your device is Rooted it will Display Rooted Device. If not it will display Device is Not Rooted.

You will get all the details about your device. Model No, Product Name, Manufacturer, Brand, Board, OS Version, Build ROM, Processor, SDK version and Serial Number.

Features Of Root Checker

One Tap Root Status – Get the Android Device root status in simple one tap.

  • What all you need to know about your Android device is available in this app. When you open this app, it will display all the device info like model no, serial no, SDK version, ROM etc.

Complete Device Info – You will get all the device info: Model No, Product Name, Manufacturer, Brand, Board, OS Version, Build ROM, Processor, SDK version and Serial Number.

  • Simply Slide left and then tap on the icon to know your device rooting status. If the device is rooted it will display Device is Rooted and if not it will display Device is not rooted.

Lite and Easy – Sed rhoncus velit mauris, blandit aliquet eros interdum quis. Nullam a est ut augue volutpat varius sadips ipsums et dolores.

  • The app is small in size, making it the perfect option for you to have it on your mobile if you opt out to rooting. The best part, Root Checker is very easy to use. With great navigation and simple options, any user can use it ease.

Root Checker is officially available for Android on the Google Play Store. The App is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded directly from the store. You can also make use of an APK provided by third party sources and install it on your device. Good luck Rooting!

Top 3 Best Mobile Security Apps for Android Phones/Tablets. 

Top 3 Best Mobile Security Apps for Android Phones/Tablets. 

The need for Android security has immensely increased with the evolution of smartphones and the information people started sharing through the smartphones. The publicized incident of Edward Snowden brought the Government spying on public in to light. Though we may not get rid of it apparently, the fear of using public Wi-Fi use and many such other involved things create a doubt in using the smartphone by the users securely. The issue of Android security is a question to the Smartphone world. So, the developers brought few applications that could actually help the users to protect their smartphones from security issues.

Best Security Apps for Android

The below is a list of apps that provide security to your Android smartphone helping the users protect their phone from hacking and theft issues. And the Apps are considered prior to reviews of the users.

1. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager helps the user to find a theft phone. The user can locate the phone on map using the Android device manager. The user can also change or set a pin to the lost phone through the app, so that no other person can use the phone without knowing the pin. Also that, the entire data in the phone can be erase using the App. No trace of the information is left on the phone.

2. AppLock 


The AppLock app helps to lock your phone on every possible way to ensure that no information is opened for users whom you don’t want to share the info with. Lock you screen with AppLock, put a lock on any app present on your device. Normally, if an app is locked using a third party security app, uninstalling the security app or the any locked app is possible leading to the loss of information. With the AppLock, you can put a limitation on uninstalling apps on your device and make sure that no other person other than the user can only watch the device but cannot do a single operation on it.

3. Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus anti theft

The Cerberus anti-theft Android mobile App that provides its users with complete security and helps the users to find their lost, misplaced or stolen phone. The user can keep control the phone from his desktop and make the phone ring out loud if the user thinks the device is located nearer to him. Lock the phone and can receive all the call log details. Entire data can be erased from phone and SD card. The developers provided the free trial version for 1 week and can extend it by buying the license. 5 users can use the App at a time with the license.